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Web Consultation

Like any business decision, a website should have clear, definable goals. Perhaps you wish to increase awareness about your brand, or convert more users into paying customers, our trained consultants will be able to advise, guide and develop your business’ online strategy using our proprietary CGOLD methodology.

We are committed to developing your business and provide this consultation without charge to increase your business results.


Excellent After-Service & Support

To us, a project does not end when we hand over the finalised product. Often, many more updates and issues will slowly creep up as time goes by. Our after-care service team is on standby 24/7 to handle any of your queries, questions or doubts.

In addition, we provide a wide range of website support services, such as social media planning, analytics support and more.


Security Hardening

The standard website has to fend over nearly 30 attacks a day. These come in many forms and continue to evolve at a rapid pace. As part of our commitment to you, we continue to strengthen and upgrade your websites’ defenses as new attacks become known.


We actively track and block IP addresses that attempt a Direct Denial of Services (DDoS), an attack aimed at overloading your server’s resources. Our sites are also built to withstand SQL injections which can expose your databases, putting you and your customers’ data at risk.

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Design Strategy

An effective design is more than just a pleasant colour scheme; it should combine aesthetic beauty with functional effects. What use is a beautiful website that does not drive sales or awareness for your business?


Our design team meticulously pores over every pixel of your site, tracking eye movements and click heatmaps to ensure that the right information or call to actions are presented in a clear, effective manner.


SEO Management

The internet is a vast, infinite space and it is challenging to be noticed by the right people. Without the right content, no one will take notice.


We build SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your website right from the beginning, focusing on the correct keywords and strategies to drive inbound traffic to your website. We also partner with our various media partners to offer you exclusive rates and promotions for traffic building campaigns.


Hosting & Domain Management

Hosting and domain management is much more than just switching on your server, we actively manage and prepare your server for sudden spikes in traffic, upgrading your resources and bandwidth before it becomes an issue.


Our hosting services are industrial grade, backed by Amazon, ensuring reliability and up time. And you never need to worry about missing a domain renewal again, we’ll manage that for you.


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